Collection: Jangsulab Food and Water Bowls

In order to keep our pets, family and friends by our sides for a long time, JANGSULAB strives to provide sincere and healthy products made with natural materials and high eco-friendly standards.
JANGSULAB studies the value of considering the health and happiness of our pets and the sustainability of products.

JANGSULAB performs all processes, from design to production, in South Korea.
All woodware is handmade by woodworking experts in JANGSULAB’s workshop. The bronzeware is designed by JANGSULAB and produced by the masters of Gwangmyeong Bronze Ware.

Additionally, to create unique pet supplies that can be trusted by pet owners, the company avoids artificial processing as much as possible, focuses on taking only the necessary steps for production, and selects only the best materials.

JANGSULAB’s first product was inspired from the desire to make meal time, one of the most important parts of a pet’s life, healthy and happy over anything else.

Keeping in mind the hearts of all pet parents, JANGSULAB promises to continue to do its best to perform research with sincerity and to create only healthy and safe products.

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