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Jangsulab - Water Bowl Sterilizer

Jangsulab - Water Bowl Sterilizer

We hope that the water in this bowl will always be a clear and clean as the water drawn from a well at dawn.

Water Bowl Sterilizer

Place this item in water.

The sterilizing properties of hand-forged bronze will keep your water always clean and clear.

Jangsulab bronze ware are handmade by Joo Gi0cheol (Korea Masters Association, Master #20-609) of Gwangmyung Bronze Ware. Our high quality bangjja is created using an alloy of the perfect ratio - 78% copper and 22% tin.

Put this water bowl sterilizer in a water bowl of your pet or a water purifier to keep the water sterilized and clean.

You can also use it in an air humidifier as well as water tank and a vase.

Regardless of the material of the water bowl, you can simply keep the water clean with this sterilizer.

Hand-crafted not manufactured.

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