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DUGROO Premium 2WAY-Driving Kit [Pumpkin]

DUGROO Premium 2WAY-Driving Kit [Pumpkin]

DUGROO Premium 2-Way Driving Bed is designed to minimize vibration in order to reduce your dog's car sickness. It fits in the passenger seat and the back seat with its sturdy thickness and weight.

All are made from the finest 100% cotton and are machine washable. The designer's desire is to always have a clean space for our cute children, who are safe even if they touch their skin.
It has a 2-way specification that can be used as a car seat or bed for a house.
Dogs up to 12kg can be used, so up to 2 dogs weighing about 5kg can enter together.

[Color] Pumpkin (corduroy type)

External size: Width 55 cm x Depth 50 cm x Height 40 cm (Front)/35 cm (Back)
Base size: Width 48 cm x Depth 45 cm
Lead length: 50 cm/60 cm (with 2) )

● Pet dogs weighing between 1 and 12 kg, and up to two dogs weighing around 5 kg can enter together.
● It can also be used as a cushion bed that can be used at home by unzipping the zippers on both sides of the back.
● The height of the front cushion can be adjusted by removing the left and right buttons.
● Two lead hooks are also included to keep your dog safe. (Additions are also possible)
● Non-slip processing has been completed on the back side.
● Parts can be disassembled with a zipper and washed.
● It can be installed in both passenger seat and rear seat.

Main body: 100% finest cotton
, Back side: Non-slip processing + Compressed toyron

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