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Goldrony - Yes Mousse Intestinal Health

Goldrony - Yes Mousse Intestinal Health

Yes Mousse Intestinal Health - 15g x 4

Goldrony's Yes Mousse is a clean natural nutritional supplement that is salt-free, preservative-free, and additive-free, using the best domestic raw materials edible by humans, and is HACCP-certified domestically produced, so furry friend can eat it with confidence.

Suitable for all ages, it is a stick-type nutritional supplement for dogs and cats with a clean, chewy texture that does not drip. It is Korea's first U.S. FDA-certified nutritional supplement that helps pets with water intake concerns.

Yes Mousse Lactobacillus Brown contains probiotics that are good for intestinal health, carob with good taste, manuka honey, and organic goat milk to help maintain intestinal health.

Recommended for dogs and cats over 3 months.

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