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Goldrony - Chew Wing Gum Blueberry

Goldrony - Chew Wing Gum Blueberry

Chew Wing Gum Blueberry

Goldrony's chewing gum is made with the best domestic raw materials edible by humans. It is a clean natural snack with no salt, no preservatives, and no additives.

It is also HACCP certified and can be eaten with confidence. It is a delicious natural dental gum filled with natural ingredients and has a long, rectangular shape with visible granules.

It has a soft texture that won't hurt teeth, and is a healthy, hypoallergenic snack that can be fed to dogs. It is filled with Korean beef skin collagen and natural blueberries, a superfood that helps with antioxidants, without any additives, helping dogs relieve stress, maintain their oral health, and prevent bad breath.

Recommended for dogs and cats over 3 months.

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