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Goldrony - Yes I'm Real Boneless meat - Korean Beef Liver

Goldrony - Yes I'm Real Boneless meat - Korean Beef Liver

Yes I'm Real - Korean Beef Liver 160g

Goldrony's Korean beef liver is a handmade dog treat made from the highest quality domestic Korean beef liver, cleaned and dried at low temperature.

It is a natural snack with no salt, no preservatives, and no additives, and it is HACCP certified and domestically produced, so you can eat it with confidence. It is a jerky-type snack in the form of long slices.

It is crunchy, but expands softly when chewed, making it chewy and delicious. It is rich in iron, vitamin A, and protein, so it is good for eye health, so much so that it is called the eye vitamin, and is effective for dogs with tear stains. In addition, it has good palatability and is good for anemia and improving vitality.

Recommended for dogs over 3 months old.
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