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DUGROO Cool Mat 40cmX25cm

DUGROO Cool Mat 40cmX25cm

Cool and comfortable in summer ~
Power Gel Cool Mat 40cmx25cm Size This

Cool mat uses an independent cooling system with high-frequency air pockets, does not tilt the cooling gel, blocks the outflow of coolant, and can be used safely.
Korean polymer gel. It has a higher gel content than conventional products, and has an upgraded cushioning feel that can be used anywhere and is designed to be folded and portable.

Unlike the type that you put in the freezer, if you use it with an ice pack in between, it will stay cold for a long time. In the car, etc., it will cool down if you put it on a cooler.

At home, you can use it with a fan to keep it cooler.
If you want to make it even cooler, put it in the refrigerator for 20 to 30 minutes and you can use it in a particularly cold state. (Freezer is prohibited)
It can also be used for cooling laptop computers.

Materials: PVC, polymer gel (cooling filler), polyester (frame)

Origin : South Korea
Size: 400mmX250mm

[Please note these points]
1. Be careful not to scratch the mat when washing. (Use a neutral detergent or a soft sponge)
2. Do not dry clean or use a washing machine as it may be damaged.
3. Do not expose to direct sunlight for a long time as the gel of the mat may deteriorate.
4. Do not put the gel inside the mat into your mouth.
5. Be careful with sharp objects such as knives, nails, and needles.
6. When using for pets and infants, please use under the supervision of parents.
7. Please be aware that you may experience symptoms of a sudden drop in body temperature.
8. Due to the characteristics of the product, there may be a slight odor during initial use. Please use after the smell disappears in a well-ventilated place.
9. When storing, put newspaper etc., fold it lightly and store it. Store in a dry and well-ventilated place.
10. When discarding, sprinkle salt on the polymer gel and separate it after it changes to a liquid state.

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