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DUGROO Console Box Dog Car Seat XL-Slim [Charcoal]

DUGROO Console Box Dog Car Seat XL-Slim [Charcoal]

DUGROO idea, design patented drive box.
It is a type that is installed on the console box between the driver's seat and the passenger's seat.
The position and visibility are good so that you can be close to the owner, so your pet can sit comfortably.

DUGROO's console box is designed with safety as the top priority, including materials.
The installation size varies depending on the seat spacing of the car model, so please choose the size that fits your car with safety as the first priority.

[Color] Charcoal embossed (15 colors available)

[Size] XL Slim (for vehicles with a seat distance of 23cm to 29cm between the driver and passenger seats)
(Recommended for pets weighing less than 9kg)
*Driver and passenger seats Width : 30cm (front) *
Floor width including cushion thickness: 28cm (front) Depth: 54cm * Height including cushion thickness : 25cm

Note) SS-Slim (recommended for pets under 5kg) is for vehicles with a seat distance of 18cm to 23cm between the driver and passenger seats. Please purchase "Console Box Dog Car Seat SS-Slim".

* The console box lid can be installed with a rubber band on the front opening type. Please check the size of the car in advance.

[Contents of set]
1. Main unit
2. Bottom cushion

● The back is safe and secure with a durable rubber band and non-slip processing to prevent slipping.
● It can be used as a cushion bed that can be used at home by folding the front.
● 1 lead hook is included to keep your dog safe. (Additions are also possible)
● Easy to disassemble with a zipper, and all can be washed.
● It can also be installed on the console of the rear seat.

Fabric: Body: 100% finest cotton
   Floor cushion: 100% finest cotton
Lining: Non-slip processing
Cotton: FITI certified antibacterial

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